Artist. Advocate. Abolitionist.

With joy I find myself alive in Christ and enabled by His love to stand for truth and equality. In my life practice of advocating for the oppressed, grace and mercy have continually carried me toward love, first. It's God's relentless love that serves as both balm for ache and fuel for fire. Unceasingly, like His word promised. I'm a creative with the background of both organizer and educator. I'm also an artist and a ministry leader. Every experience, lesson, and space I've occupied through my professional shifts have taught me love must be the fuel and end goal of all justice work.  The places I've been and will go are important in the eyes of God because the people He created to inhabit them are invaluable. I'm just here to remind us of that. And of Him. As one ransomed by God's redeeming love,  reconciliation is what brought me new life and the cause my voice will continue to champion. One voice, one part of many within this beautiful body. I'm Master-woven with a sensitivity towards justice, honor, equity, holiness, and kindness.  Through my writing, song, and intentional action, I commit to speaking for such - at any cost - for as long as the art comes.

Aren't we made by God for freedom?